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We are an Approved Audit Training Office in BC!

RHN has been authorized by CPA-BC to train Audit Path Certificate students in British Columbia. Our wide scope of services and diverse clientele allow us to provide a range of progressive practical experience opportunities for students to learn, demonstrate and assess their competency development relative to the Practical Experience requirements of the profession. Several senior staff members at RHN CPA are registered CPA mentors. Two of our staff are CPA Western Canada School of Business facilitators.

Are you a CPA student looking for a career opportunity to develop your skills, expand your knowledge and make a difference in clients’ lives? We are always seeking top talent. If you have the right aptitude and attitude to be a top performer, we have an opportunity for lifelong learning and growth for you.

It’s not a job. It’s a career!

Some companies meet with their employees to discuss their performance once a year. Our managers work with our team members to discuss their performance and professional development goals every, single, week. An ongoing, two-way development dialogue between team members and team leader is at the core of our organizational growth plan. When our people grow, so does our firm. Not only does the firm pay for courses and professional development, we also give paid time off for team members to take their exams! Sometimes we even give you pointers for your homework. Just ask!

Our commitment to our employees’ personal and professional growth is evident. Just ask some of our managers, directors and shareholders who started out as RHN co-op students, they’ll be more than happy to tell you why they are here to stay.

You’ll love our culture!

RHN values and strives to maintain a healthy work/life balance for all its team members. Our organizational philosophy includes The Four Agreements (from Don Miguel Ruiz’s Book, The Four Agreements) which we take very seriously and to heart. The Four Agreements are: Be Impeccable With Your Word, Don’t Take Anything Personally, Don’t Make Assumptions, and Always Do Your Best. These, along with our values of Communication, Trust, Respect and Service, create a firm culture that prides itself on its caring spirit, steadfast integrity, and professional excellence. RHN is our second family. No matter your location, all team members participate in the Firm’s weekly huddle to stay connected.

You’ll love our offices!

RHN is at the forefront of utilizing the latest technology to facilitate greater communication and efficiency for its staff and clients. We operate in a paper-less environment, and all of our locations are connected to a central secured server. Each accounting team member has at least 3 monitors at their work station. We have a digital document manager and a secure online portal for transferring confidential information between our office and our clients. To maintain close communication across different locations and with our staff on fieldwork, we can meet instantly with each other via Skype. Those working on the road are also equipped with portable monitors and scanners. Gone are the days of lugging piles of paperwork around. All of our offices are filled with natural sunlight and feature an array of original First Nations art. Preferred dress code within our offices is business casual.

You love variety!

We do too! At some small firms, you might have limited opportunities to work on more complex engagements and limited opportunities for growth. At large firms, you may be pigeon-holed into a specific department. At RHN, our clients belong to a wide array of industries and sectors, and the complexity of our engagements vary, giving you the opportunity to be hands-on, from start to finish, on each file. We are the right size for you to reach your goals as a public practice accountant. RHN is a full-service accounting firm with well-rounded accounting team members.

“RHN enables new staff the opportunity to gain experience in all stages of an accounting engagement. From planning through to final delivery, I am able to participate in the complete process.”
J. Spencer McMurchy, BTech
Assistant Manager, Client Services (RHN since 2012)
"I was fortunate to start at RHN on a co-op program. Over the course of almost two decades, I have gain immeasurable experience from the partners and my peers. Now, I make sure the people I work with are given the same care and attention in their training as I received."
Alvin Singh, CAFM, CPA, CGA
Shareholder and Managing Director (RHN since 1998)
“I’ve gained invaluable experience working on files from start to finish, with opportunities to take on more responsibilities with the ongoing support and training from mentors and peers.”
Miranda Cook, CPA, CGA
Assistant Manager, Client Services (RHN since 2014)
“At RHN it’s not just a job, it’s enjoying the people I work with. I call the people I work with my friend and that’s pretty special. The Firm cares about my success and encourages me to try new things.”
Anna-Luise Gomm, CPA, CGA
Client Services Accountant (RHN since 2012)
“I love working at RHN because of the family atmosphere. It feels like one big happy family at RHN and I look forward to coming to work each day for that reason. Everyone works together as a team and it makes the workplace a fantastic environment to be a part of. They promote learning and the internal training has been extremely beneficial and impacted my growth within the firm. We are constantly growing and expanding our business which leaves lots of room for internal growth as well.”
Jessica Morton, BBA
Operations Support Administrator (RHN since 2012)
“I chose RHN for its culture.  I was looking to work for a firm which emphasized quality work, client service, ethical business practices and work-life balance.  After over five years with the firm I can happily say that the firm continues to live up to its reputation and I see the commitment towards maintaining this excellent culture at all levels of the firm. this is the place to be for a long-term career in public practice.  Great opportunities for professional growth coupled with a culture genuinely promoting work-life balance and sense of caring is hard to come by.”
John R. Nelson, CPA, CGA
Manager, Client Services (RHN since 2011)


You’ll love our perks!

Besides a competitive salary, RHN also offers RRSP contribution matching and extended health and dental benefits, as well as paid professional development and paid personal days. We celebrate your birthday by giving you the day off! RHN sponsors team events such as annual bowling bonanza, curling bonspiel, softball tournament, end-of-tax-season party, Thanksgiving food drive, and more!

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