Norman Grdina



Norm is our Director of First Nations Services. He has a long-established and well-respected reputation as a knowledgeable advisor in First Nations accounting, governance, trusts and audit.


As a Certified Aboriginal Financial Manager (CAFM), Norm provides First Nations, Tribal Councils and Treaty Groups with responsible financial tools and reporting. Norm is currently a Director for the Aboriginal Financial Officers Association (AFOA) of BC, Chairperson of the AFOA-sponsored Technical Advisory Group (TAG), and a member of the Audit Committees for BC and Canada. His involvement in, and contribution to, the financial management knowledge of First Nation governments is extensive and well-known in the accounting sector and in the community. Norm has recently been appointed to the Board of Directors for the First Nations Financial Management Board.



Norm enjoys the opportunity to serve and assist owner managed businesses in many different industries. He mentors colleagues and provides the very best service to our clients. With his knowledge in reorganization and business planning, Norm enables our clients to adjust and forecast tax obligations and business growth.


As a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), Norm has assisted our clients in fraud detection and prevention. He is a Licensed Private Investigator in British Columbia and is a member of the Private Investigators Association of BC (PIABC).


National Aboriginal Trust Officers Association
Board Member – 2017 to Present

First Nations Financial Management Board
Director – 2017 to Present

Aboriginal Financial Officers’ Association of BC
Director – 2009 to Present
Member of the Technical Advisory Group (TAG) – 2007 to Present

Aboriginal Financial Officers’ Association of Canada
Audit Committee Member – 2009 to Present

Community Involvement
Policy reviewer with the First Nations Financial Management Board – 2013
President, Certified Fraud Examiners Association – Vancouver Chapter – 1998 to 2002

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