Executor’s Checklist for Estate Returns

For the estate return, any date may be chosen within the first 12 months from the date of death. The deadline for filing and paying tax is 90 days after this date and will remain the year end date for the estate until the 36-month. Upon the 36-month anniversary of the date of death, a deemed year end will occur and any further year ends will have a December 31 year end.
  • Full name, last address, citizenship, marital status and social insurance number (SIN) of the deceased.
  • A copy of the final tax return prepared for the deceased and a copy of the assessment/reassessment.
  • A copy of the probate documents and a list of assets and liabilities that would have been filed with it. Please provide a valuation of real estate at the fair market value, not just the tax assessed value.
  • If the Will was not probated, please provide a list of all the assets and liabilities held as at the date of death at fair market value.
  • Bank statements for the estate account.
  • Investment statements for all registered and non-registered ac-counts as well as the investment broker’s contact information. You may wish to provide advance authorization for us to com-municate with them directly in case we need any additional information.
  • T4A(P) for the Death Benefit received, if applicable.
  • T-Slips received, rental income, sale of investments (subse-quent to death), foreign income.
  • Documents for any sale of assets.
  • Donation receipts for charitable giving bequeathed in the Will.
  • Provide the name, address and SIN of all beneficiaries of the estate and confirm if there are any minor or non-resident ben-eficiaries.
  • Details of any completed or planned distributions of capital to beneficiaries.
  • Details of any other income producing property or other rel-evant information that would aid in preparing the estate tax return.

Executor’s Checklist for Terminal Returns

For the terminal return, if the death occurs between January 1 and October 31 — the deadline for filing and paying any tax owing is April 30 of the following year.

If the death occurs between November 1 and December 31 — the deadline is 6 months after the date of the death.