Governance, Accountability, Sustainability & Legacy


These are the four corners of our services for First Nations. Understanding the governance requirements while being both accountable and sustainable all while honouring legacy is why we are the firm of choice for many First Nations.

Certified Aboriginal Financial Manager

We are not just average accountants – we are also Certified Aboriginal Financial Manager (CAFM) designated! While great accountants can help an organization reach its financial goals, a CAFM designated accountant can help you achieve so much more! Our CAFM designated senior accountants have met the core competencies that are essential for aboriginal financial management, as required by AFOA and CPA Canada.

"RHN is known for their unique knowledge and understanding of the specific needs and challenges of Canada’s Aboriginal community, as well as their expertise regarding First Nations funding agreements."
Executive Director, Aboriginal Not-for-Profit society
"They always put me at ease and make me feel like there are no mistakes, just learning opportunities. It’s like having my own personal advisor taking me full circle so I can see the big picture."
Acting Administrator, First Nations organization


Established and Trusted

We have a long history establishing relationships with and assisting First Nations in designing reliable accounting systems and training staff and councillors to fulfill their mandates. Our foundation as a First Nations advocate is built upon an in-depth understanding of your history and culture, and an uncompromising excellence in our work.



  • In-depth experience with First Nations and First Nations related entities since 1978
  • We serve clients throughout BC from our Richmond, Vancouver, Kelowna and Osoyoos offices
  • Assurance engagements make up 45% of RHN’s workload. We have a high degree of knowledge in this area
  • Proven success in First Nations budgeting, finance proposals, system evaluations, negotiation with INAC, Health Canada and other governmental agencies
  • Available to meet with Chief and Council and/or attend AGM to fully explain the financial statements, at your request
  • Offer “remote-access” service to assist clients with technical, accounting and bookkeeping issues online

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