Wine is your passion, accounting is ours.


At RHN, we understand what it means to put heart-and-soul into your business and the importance of combining passion and pride to produce quality products. We take the time to learn about what keeps you up at night and create strategies to see what can bring less stress and more fulfillment to you in life and business.

Knowing you is the best way to help you succeed.

Our personable and comfortable approach gives you the peace of mind and assurance that you, and your unique wine and vineyard business are being taken care of.

RHN’s directors and staff have a very strong understanding of our business, where we want to go with it and how to structure it most effectively. RHN is pretty much a 24/7 firm. I can call or text with a question and hear back within five minutes. As a business owner, that means a lot.
Co-Owner, winery
What has stood out the most in our working relationship with RHN, is the prompt response we get whenever we have a question. Literally within minutes after an inquiry, somebody from the team will be calling to respond. I can say in all honesty, the level of service provide is nothing less than top-notch.
Co-Owner, Orchards
"The fact that RHN has an expert on their team who has previously worked within our industry is amazing. To us, RHN is more than our accounting firm — they are a trusted partner. It’s a great feeling knowing you’ve got someone in your corner looking out for you."
Owner, winery
"My favourite part is that we can sit down for a cup of coffee, have a little gab session and discuss things. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a multi-billion dollar company or a start-up, the service is fabulous — very thorough and comfortable."
Owner, start-up agricultural business


Pride and passion in all that we do.

Producing exceptional grapes and fruit takes more than hard work….it takes pride. Crafting award-winning wines involves more than art and science…it takes passion. Having pride and passion is what makes your product exceptional. It is also what makes RHN your accounting firm of choice.

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That’s why we provide comprehensive business advisory assistance unique to your industry to allow you to do what you do best. Let us help you with your books, working out financing, tracking inventory, getting the best pricing, budgeting for labour and costs, so you can focus your passion – the fine art of growing grapes and making wine.


Are you worried about a potential scam?

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