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4 Key Strategies for Managing Growth

It’s hard work to manage growth. Maxime Dubois, partner at Altitude Sports, offers these 4 tips.

1. Look at your strategic plan and the current state of your business. What will be your key needs in terms of systems and processes going forward? Get started on implementing them right away.

2. Make sure to introduce sound financial management practices. These include making financial projections and then monitoring actual performance closely to identify variances and take action.

3. Establish performance dashboards for each department of your company with a small number of key performance indicators that will allow you to monitor the day-to-day health of your business and improve over time.

4. Establish an advisory board, consisting of experienced business people with a wide range of skills and knowledge. An advisory board can be an invaluable source of affordable advice and support for entrepreneurs grappling with the challenges of a growing business.

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