In 2013, as part of its commitment to better serve citizens and businesses, the Government of Canada launched the Web Renewal Initiative (WRI) to make its online information and services easier to find and use through a single, user-centric website – The WRI is led by the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat and Service Canada.

As part of the WRI, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) will be joining this July. As of July 11, 2017, all information concerning taxes, benefits, and charities will be moving to

Those accessing the CRA website will be automatically redirected to This will be in place for one year to ensure that Canadians are taken to the appropriate page on, and that they will have sufficient time to update their bookmarks. If any of your webpages link to the CRA website, please ensure that the links are updated accordingly.

Canadians will have a consistent user experience on This new site is organized by 15 themes and top tasks (most frequently used information and services), making it easier for Canadians to find information and services.

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