25 small ways to be earth-friendly at home and at work

April 22 is the official international “Earth Day” every year. It serves as a great reminder to us that we should strive to conserve resources and reduce waste in our day to day lives.

Here are 25 small ways that can make a huge impact over time. How many of them have you already implemented? Perhaps tomorrow is a great day to start!

1. Bring your lunch in reusable containers instead of disposable plastic wrap or Ziploc bags
2. Carpool, take transit or bike to work
3. Bring reusable containers to restaurants for left-overs or take-out
4. Use handkerchiefs instead of tissue paper
5. Use tea towels instead of paper towels
6. Take cloth bags to the grocery store to bag up produce instead of the store provided plastic bags
7. Grab a reusable grocery tote from an RHN office and reduce plastic bags at the check out
8. Collect rainwater and grey water to be used in your garden
9. Cloth gift bags or fabric “wrapping paper” instead of paper wrapping paper when gifting
10. Cut up old Christmas cards and use them as gift tags
11. Use RHN’s secured online portal to transfer documents instead of printing and mailing
12. Carry metal utensils around and not use plastic at the food court
13. Buy bulk when possible, and store items in sturdy containers
14. Compost organic waste
15. Use reusable coffee filters
16. Brew loose leaf tea
17. Use RHN’s online payment option instead of mailing a cheque
18. Air dry you laundry instead of using the dryer
19. Carry a travel coffee mug to your local coffee shop
20. When it comes time to replace your plastic kitchen utensils or gadgets, opt for wood, bamboo or stainless steel options
21. Need to sign a document? Use a e-signature app on your desktop or mobile device instead of printing out the document
22. Got veggie scraps from dinner prep? Keep them in an airtight container in your fridge, and make a wonderful veggie broth at the end of the week
23. Trade, borrow or buy used items instead of new ones when possible
24. Contact us and your other service providers and opt-in to receive e-statements instead of printed ones
25. Try dryer wool balls, made of naturally unbleached wool, instead of disposable dryer sheets

Share your zero-waste and earth-friendly ideas with us! Let tomorrow reminder us that every day should be Earth Day.

Want to celebrate Earth Day with like-minded folks? For events near you and to pledge toward Earth Day Canada’s #Rooting4Trees campaign, visit https://earthday.ca/

This post has been prepared for general information purposes. It is not advice. The information presented may not fit your unique situation, please consult one of our trusted business advisors at RHN CPA for further clarification and interpretation of your circumstances.