David Gordon participating in a tax season self care challenge run by RHN in early 2022.

Not everyone gets to know what it’s like to be their employer’s client, but RHN bookkeeper David Gordon has had the pleasure of being on both sides of the desk.

“I’ve been with RHN for fifteen years,” he explains. “Eleven as a client and now four as an employee.”

Before pursuing bookkeeping as a career, David was doing the books for his own small retail business in Richmond. Every tax season, the team at RHN would comment on his skillful, detail-oriented approach to organizing his business’ books.

“They used to tease me every year, saying ‘you know, if you ever decide to close your business, we think we know what you should do next!’” David laughs. “And so, when I eventually did decide to close up shop, I applied and got a job on the bookkeeping team.”

So what makes someone love their accounting firm so much they want to work for them? According to David, it’s all about the people.

“As a client, I could tell that RHN really was its own community,” he says. “Everyone who works here loves what they do and who they work with—both team members and clients.”

Plus, David really enjoys bookkeeping. “It’s the backbone of accounting, and I take great delight in being able to help get clients organized so the accountants can do their work effectively.”

As a mid-sized firm, RHN is an especially interesting place to work for David, since there is a large variety of work and a diverse clientele. And of course, helping businesses grow and thrive is especially rewarding. “I know exactly what it’s like to be in their shoes, and seeing them get the same support I got when I was running my business is an incredibly good feeling.”

Overall, David says he would highly recommend RHN to prospective clients and employees alike. “This isn’t just an accounting firm. It’s a like-minded community made up of both RHN team members and their clients, all working together to do exceptional work in accounting and business.”

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