2021 was not a particularly great year to graduate university. A global pandemic had hit, the future of the workforce was up in the air and in-person celebrations were canceled.

But none of that phased Tina Kwon, who had just graduated from UBC with a science degree.

“I took the pandemic as a chance to revisit and revise my future plans,” says Tina. “As much as I loved studying science, I knew I didn’t want to work in a lab all day.”

When it came to what she would do next, accounting seemed like a logical choice.

“I love numbers and analytics, but wanted to find a career that was a bit more interactive—something that would give me the chance to help people more directly,” Tina explains. “Because I come from an immigrant family, I grew up helping my parents with their taxes, so I was already familiar with that service.”

As the pandemic continued to cause uncertainty, Tina took the opportunity to go back to school and earn her diploma in accounting. Once she had completed the program, she had a few ideas about what kind of workplace she wanted to join.

“I didn’t want to choose between tax and audit just yet, so I was looking for a firm that would let me try out different kinds of engagements,” says Tina.

When she came across RHN, she had a good feeling.

“I read some articles from people who work here talking about how supportive the environment is and how no two days are the same—it was exactly what I was looking for!”

A day in the life of a Client Services Accountant on field work

Having wanted a career that involves more interaction with others, it’s no surprise that Tina thrives when out on field work.

“Our team often goes on field work to clients who live in remote areas and may need extra assistance organizing and submitting their documents,” Tina explains. “Actually being on site helps us to gauge where clients are at with their accounting so we can support them and advise them accordingly.”

These trips, which can last anywhere from a day to an entire week, are also essential for building the kind of relationships RHN prides itself on having with its clients.

“It’s really important for us to see our clients as more than just their numbers,” says Tina. “That’s why getting to see their operations in person is so great!”

Tina is excited to continue building her career. She plans to write her CPA exam in 2025 and continue to grow with RHN.

“I’d love to stay with the team here and develop my leadership skills,” she says. “I think it would be really rewarding to help junior team members the way I have been helped by my mentors and managers.”

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