Most people would agree: tax season is stressful. Even if you don’t do your own taxes, gathering your documents, making decisions about your tax strategy and making sure everything is submitted to your accountant on time are all additional items to your already full to do list.

If you’re an accountant, you see tax season from a whole other perspective.

The deadlines. The increased workload. The clients depending on you for support.

When you work for a public practice firm, it’s critical to make time for self-care all year round, but especially during your busy season. At RHN, we build this concept into the core of our practice. It’s important for our team members to have the tools to make their wellness a priority.

Here are some of the strategies we encourage the people on our team to use in order to practice self-care during tax season.

Establish Boundaries

Set clear boundaries between work and personal life. It’s tempting to let work spill over into evenings and weekends, but remember that burning out won’t benefit anyone. 

At RHN, we make setting these boundaries significantly easier for our team by requiring fewer hours during tax season than most public practice firms (45 per week rather than 50+). But even if you work at a firm that requires longer hours, you can still define what those work hours are in collaboration with your manager and commit to sticking to them.

Prioritize Activities That Fill Your Cup

We are always encouraging team members to make time, even during the busiest time of year, for the things that help them rejuvenate. 

This year RHN has planned a weekly tax season event for the staff, including an in-office massage, special lunches like breakfast for lunch and even a sundae bar! This is an evolution of different ways we’ve put mental health first during tax season in the past.

Whether you work for a firm that directly facilitates time for rest and play or not, it’s important to make time to do what you love—hiking, reading, sports, knitting or whatever it is that gives you energy.

Ask for Help

If you’re overwhelmed, don’t suffer in silence—your manager and coworkers would, in all likelihood, prefer to hear from you before you burn out than after it’s too late and you’re missing deadlines or making mistakes.

At RHN, we have an open door policy. Anyone from a junior accountant to a director is welcome and encouraged to approach anyone else in the firm for help or support when they need it. Make sure you know what processes your firm has in place for getting support when you’re overwhelmed and don’t be afraid to follow that process when you need help!

Want to Prioritize Better Self-Care Next Tax Season?

If tax season is causing you undue stress and you’re struggling to find balance while working long hours under a lot of pressure, know that it doesn’t have to be that wayLearn what it’s like to work at RHN and consider what a culture of care in the workplace could look like for you.