After exploring a couple different career options, Sophie Mai, newly promoted manager at RHN CPA, eventually landed on accounting. Having previously pursued a degree in the sciences, she was eager to apply her aptitude for math, analytics and problem solving to a new and exciting career.

In January 2020, just a couple of months before the world changed dramatically, Sophie accepted a co-op position at the RHN Richmond office. While 2020 turned out to be a challenging year to start a new job, Sophie’s first experiences at RHN were incredibly positive.

“I actually ended up being one of few team members who could safely work in the office,” Sophie says. “I was able to provide admin support while the team continued to serve clients at a difficult time.”

Her strong work ethic and dedication to service didn’t go unnoticed, as she was soon offered a full time position. And RHN’s growth-focused environment and commitment to their team and clients didn’t go unnoticed by Sophie, because she’s been working for them ever since.

“What struck me about RHN was that you don’t even have to ask for help,” she says. “Everyone is always offering support, including managers, directors and your peers.”

Beyond helping her learn and grow as a professional, Sophie says that everyone at the firm is approachable and friendly, making it a fun place to work. “There’s really no hierarchy. The directors regularly have lunch with the team, and we all know each other by name.”

Even though a good portion of her time at RHN was impacted by public health restrictions, Sophie loves the community the firm has created.

“There have been lots of opportunities to get to know the team on field assignments and team events,” says Sophie. “We also spend a lot of time together in the office, problem solving, and just getting to know each other as people.”

As she enters 2023 one of RHN’s newest managers, Sophie is most excited to give back through mentorship and support. “Beyond continuing my own personal growth, I now get to support other team members’ personal growth. I can’t wait to watch people blossom the way I did.”

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