RHN CPA isn’t the first public accounting firm Intermediate Accountant Crystal Pang has worked for, but the great culture, family atmosphere and balanced lifestyle are all reasons she’s happy to call the firm home today.

Crystal has had a passion for numbers for as long as she can remember. She can trace her accounting career back to when she was just a teenager and took a part-time bookkeeping job.

“I just always loved the idea of accounting as a career,” she explains. “I loved the practicality of it, and how the work is consistent, but still challenging.”

It was no surprise to anyone when Crystal enrolled in the accounting program at BCIT. As she moved through her studies, her passion for the career only grew along with her skills and experience.

When she landed her full time job at RHN, she was in for a very different experience. RHN is a mid-sized firm with a diverse clientele, meaning major deadlines are spread out throughout the year. There is still an influx of work during tax season, but as Crystal will tell you, it’s different compared to the demand of more specialized firms.

“Our workload at RHN is steady throughout the year with different deadlines and engagements,” she explains, adding: “It’s more of a marathon than a sprint, making it a bit easier to maintain work/life balance.”

Since the start as a Junior Accountant at RHN, Crystal has taken every opportunity to grow her career. She moved from a Junior Accountant role, and later into her current role as Intermediate Accountant. All this progression happened in less than two years.

“A mid-sized firm like RHN is great because there’s lots of room to learn and grow,” says Crystal. “As soon as I started working here, I loved the warm, family atmosphere and I wanted to stay on!”

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