When most people hear the word “audit,” they think about compliance.

RHN Manager Christine Zhu thinks first about service.

“We know that auditors sometimes get a bad reputation,” says Christine. “That’s why our team focuses on building relationships based on trust and that ultimately benefits our clients.”

While Christine works on a variety of files, one of her major focuses is on First Nations and nonprofit audits. That is, performing legally required audits for First Nations or nonprofit organizations (NPOs) to check their controls and ensure their books are in order.

But it’s not just about pointing out errors or inconsistencies. For Christine and her team at RHN, audits in these settings are opportunities to implement changes and improvements.

“We are really there to identify what a First Nations or NPO client needs help with and then work with them on those weaknesses,” Christine explains. “Many of our clients are in remote communities and may not have access to the specialized accounting professionals they need on a regular basis.”

That’s why site visits are such an important part of what the RHN audit team does. Meeting clients where they’re at—literally—opens up opportunities for hands-on support, relationship building and impacts that go beyond a particular reporting deadline.

“Working with First Nations clients in those remote locations is truly one of the best parts of my job,” says Christine. “The people we work with are always generous with their time and space and passionate about learning how to improve through the audit process.”

Originally from China, Christine immigrated to Canada in 2015. While settling into her new home in Vancouver, she started her first position with RHN. She knew very quickly that it was the kind of place she wanted to work at.

“RHN treats the team very well, always showing appreciation for the work we do,” Christine says. “When I decided to leave Vancouver, I was thrilled that they were able to transfer me to the Kelowna office.”

Christine’s exemplary service to her clients and contributions to her team have earned her a number of promotions at the firm. “I have a stack of business cards with a ton of different titles from different years,” she jokes. As of last year in 2023, Christine has stepped into a manager role, and is thriving in the new leadership position.

“Working as a Manager on the audit team for First Nations and NPOs is so rewarding,” she says. “There’s nothing like the feeling of a client expressing gratitude for the impact we’ve been able to make on their organization and community.”

If you’re looking for an auditing firm with specialized knowledge of First Nations or NPOs, you can work with Christine and the rest of the RHN audit team by booking a consultation today.