At RHN, we pride ourselves on offering our team members opportunities for long term growth. Miranda Cook and Aiken Luu are two shining examples of the leadership paths available to the innovative leaders who make our firm such an incredible place for both clients and team members.

Meet Miranda Cook

Miranda’s career has not always followed a linear path, yet she never shies away from a challenge or lets anything hold her back. Her accounting career started well before joining RHN —all the way back to her high school years, when she was a small town girl living on Quadra Island.

“I actually opted to graduate early after doing a work experience program at an accounting firm,” she explains. “It was pretty cool to have my own office at 17!”

Although she knew what she wanted to do early on, her trajectory slowed when she sustained an injury and had to put a pause on her work and schooling. Needless to say, that didn’t stop her from pursuing her goal of becoming a designated accountant. She pushed through every challenge thrown her way and crossed the finish line.

In 2014, she was considering a move to the Lower Mainland and came across a job posting at RHN. RHN’s core values and the use of Don Miquel Ruiz’s Four Agreements attracted her to the firm. It turned out to be the perfect place to grow her career. 

Along the way, Miranda discovered a passion for estate planning. She now has her Trust and Estate Practitioner (TEP) designation, which she completed with STEP Canada. 

“It’s very meaningful to help people in their greatest time of need,” says Miranda. “Working with estates, I get to see the real difference I make in peoples’ lives.”

This year, Miranda is accepting a promotion to director on top of a number of leadership commitments in the local public accounting community. She is currently a CPA Ambassador with CPABC and serves as Chair of the CPABC Richmond/Delta Chapter Planning Committee.

She is also a proud mother and wife and loves to spend her off time exploring nature with her family.

Meet Aiken Luu

For Aiken Luu, leadership has always come naturally. Ever since he joined RHN in 2015, he has been known to go above and beyond for the firm, the team and his clients.

“I’ve never wanted to be the smartest person in the room—but I always wanted to make a difference for people,” Aiken explains. “I never really thought much about mentoring co-op students and staff over the years, it just came naturally and I really enjoyed it.”

While an accountant isn’t always who we think of as a “people person,” a career in public accounting isn’t always about numbers. It’s about building relationships and trust with people in and outside your firm.

This attitude paved the way for his career growth at RHN. That and, of course, his love of problem solving and willingness to learn new skills. Aiken joined RHN with a keen interest in assurance, but as his experience progressed, he developed an affinity towards tax related work. After completing the CPA program with RHN, Aiken went on to complete the CPA In-depth Tax Course. “The flexibility to take the lead in my own career is a huge part of what has kept me at RHN all these years,” he says.

Aiken moved into a management role working with both assurance and taxation clients on their accounting needs. This year, he’s walking into his new director role with a humble excitement.

“I’m really just a culmination of all the great leaders I’ve learned from,” Aiken says. “I’m looking forward to growing those skills as I work with my team and clients in a new way.”

In addition to his dedication to RHN, Aiken enjoys leading an active lifestyle and takes every opportunity to learn and grow in his personal and professional life.

Join us in celebrating Miranda and Aiken!

Moving into a director position is a big deal in public accounting. To say congratulations to these two amazing people, connect with Miranda and Aiken on LinkedIn. While you’re there, be sure to connect with RHN for updates on the firm, accounting tips and more.