Mandy Lau, Junior Accountant at the RHN Vancouver office and local entrepreneur, loves the welcoming environment and work/life balance offered by RHN.

Given that many of RHN CPA’s services help businesses grow and thrive through personalized accounting support, it’s no surprise that entrepreneur Mandy Lau was drawn to apply for a Junior Accountant position at the Vancouver office in early 2022.

“I first developed an interest in accounting because I was running my own business while I was in university,” Mandy says. 

Mandy graduated with a business degree from SFU in December 2021. When she started the program, she didn’t intend to specialize in accounting. “I started taking courses to learn how to manage taxes on the business side of things, and found out I really loved it!”

To this day, Mandy runs a small business making and selling dog treats with simple, nutritious ingredients online. Her entrepreneurial spirit and creative nature make her a great fit for her role at RHN. So does her love of tackling new challenges every day.

Mandy Lau, Junior Accountant at RHN and young entrepreneur, poses outdoors with her small orange and black dog, Maisie.

Mandy and her dog, Maisie.

“One of the things I really like about RHN is that I got to learn tax and audit accounting at the same time,” Mandy explains. “Other firms focus junior accountants on just one area and try to get them specialized early on, but I like to have variety in my work.”

Plus, as a firm that makes mental health and work/life balance a priority, RHN is perfect for entrepreneurs like Mandy who need time and energy outside the office to pursue their passions.

“Even during tax season, we’re only required to work 45 hours a week, and we get to bank our overtime hours and take extra time off later,” she says. 

But if you ask Mandy what her favourite part of working for RHN is, there’s one thing she’ll tell you that really stands out.

“When I first looked into working at RHN, I loved the family vibe they gave off,” she says.

RHN is a mid-sized firm, making it easy for team members at all levels to get to know their peers, managers and directors personally and professionally.

“The management here is very supportive,” says Mandy. “My manager is always available when I need help. He gives feedback regularly on my performance to help me grow. Even the directors are willing to spend time teaching me and answering my questions or concerns. I also like that management values open communication and really listens to the opinions and suggestions of junior team members.”

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