Navigating your accounting career path can be overwhelming—especially if you’re just starting out and trying to determine what you like, what you’re good at and what kind of employer you want to work for. According to RHN CPA Junior Accountant Roger Laguerta, finding the right team to help you along the way is the key to a smooth professional journey.

For Roger, who immigrated to Canada from the Philippines in 2013, the path to his current job at RHN was a bit unconventional. 

“I was working as an accountant before I moved,” he explains. “When I was starting out in Canada, I worked mostly in the service industry in Saskatchewan until I got my permanent residency, which took almost five years.”

Roger loved his previous accounting job, and wasted little time getting back into it in his new home. He took some tax courses and, after moving to Kelowna about four years ago, enrolled in a bookkeeping program at Okanagan College.

“Now, I’m doing my Core 1 through the CPA Western School of Business with the help of RHN,” Roger says. “I get lots of mentorship and one-on-one coaching here, which really helps me to learn.”

As a mid-sized firm, RHN is an ideal place for young professionals to article as they work towards their CPA designation. A smaller team means managers, partners and directors have more time to spend with individual team members, and the firm’s diverse clientele offers many opportunities to try out different areas of accounting.

“RHN is family-oriented, and will treat you like family and support you on your journey—they really want you to succeed,” says Roger. “Plus, the reasonable hours and paid time off make it easy to balance my studies with my workload.

Want to learn how you can join Roger and the supportive team at one of RHN’s four BC offices? Learn more about working for RHN and view our current openings.