There’s no penalty from CRA the first time you miss a slip on your tax return. If, however, you miss two slips over a certain period CRA can assess a hefty fine.

Be sure to open your mail during this time in order to not miss any slips; they could cost you down the road!

The schedule of delivery is as follows:

T4/T4A/T4RSP/T4A(OAS)/T4A(P) are all issued by February 28, 2015

T5’s are issued by February 28, 2015

T3’s are issued by March 31, 2015

T5013’s are issued by March 31, 2015

Tax envelopes are available at RHN; please stop by and take one or request one by mail. These handy envelopes enable you to put all of your tax information in one trusted place, allowing you to conveniently bring it in once the slips have been received.

When we prepared your tax return in 2013, you would have received a “Slip Summary” which listed all of the slips used to prepare your return. You should compare the slips you receive for 2014 list to make sure you have received them all.

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