Thank you for thinking of RHN and requesting an engagement quote for your Strata. Please complete the form below and submit a copy of the financial statements for the year to be audited/reviewed and we will provide you with a quote via email.

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Strata Quote Request Questionnaire

1. Who should the quote be care of?

a) Which email address should we submit the quote to?

2. What is the Strata Plan No.?

3. What type(s) of engagement would Council like to be quoted on?

4. What period(s) does the quote pertain to?

5. Have we preformed services for the Strata in the past?

a) If not, how did you hear about us?

6. Has the Strata been audited/reviewed in the past?

a) If so, when was the last period audited/reviewed?

b) By whom?

7. Is the Strata professionally managed?

a) By whom?

b) How long?

c) If less than 2 years, who managed the Strata previously?

i) Take over date? (yyyy-mm-dd)

ii) Do you have all the records?

8. How many units are in the development?

a) Residential

b) Commercial

c) Other

9. Is it a multiple phase project, or sectioned or type Strata?

10. Does the strata pay wages and prepare T4's?

11. Is there a complete and accurate listing of accounts payable and accrued liabilities at the year end?

12. Is there a strata suite?

a) If so, is there a mortgage associated with it?

13. Were there any major projects during the period to be audited? Ie. Building remediation.

a) If so, please list the projects and amounts approved.

14. Were there any Developer issues (only for audits in the inception year)

15. Is your Strata named as a defendant in any lawsuits?

16. Is there a specific deadline for the statements?

a) If so, when are they required by? (yyyy-mm-dd)

17. When do you require this audit quote? (yyyy-mm-dd)

18. What date will the auditor be selected? (yyyy-mm-dd)

Please attach a copy of your Strata’s Financial Statements for the year to be audited/reviewed. At a minimum, the balance sheet and the statement of income showing the annual budget.

*Accepted formats: pdf, txt, doc, docx
*Maximum file size: 5MB


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