RHN Chartered Professional Accountants are incredibly people-focused.

“I know that may sound strange because accountants aren’t known for being people persons,” said partner Lynn Galloway. “But we are much more hands on with our clients. We ask them what they need rather than tell them what they need, and we always make sure communication happens ahead of time, not as an afterthought.” Such an approach creates longlasting relationships.

In fact, as a small business specialist, Lynn and her team help many small businesses year after year with a complete suite of services from bookkeeping, financial statements, audits, corporate and personal tax returns to tax planning, business strategic planning, estate planning and consulting services.

“No one likes surprises, and our system of consistent communication and full service means you’re unlikely to get a bill that’s higher than you thought or owe the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) more than we discussed,” says Lynn.

Lynn also has a burgeoning Indigenous and not-for-profit practice.

Lynn and Carmen Liang work out of RHN’s Kelowna office in the Landmark 5 building. The firm also has offices in Richmond, Vancouver and Osoyoos, so expertise can be pulled from anywhere in the Province to help clients in all regions.

By the way, the Osoyoos office with Cher Wood focuses on helping wineries, grape growers and other agricultural clients.

In addition to being a small business accountant, Carmen also manages the accounting staff in Kelowna. “We care about people, our clients and our staff alike,” she says. “When you focus on client services, it helps the small business owner and their business thrive. As the accounting staff manager, I mentor the CPA students through to their designation and beyond. I’m passionate about helping clients and staff.”

Lynn started as an intern student at the original RHN office in Richmond before convincing the firm it needed a location in Kelowna upon her move to the Okanagan in 2004. Carmen joined Lynn in 2011 and together they were the only staff in Kelowna. Now the Kelowna office has expanded to seven more staff.

Outside the office, both women can be found spending quality time with their families. Lynn says it’s all about hanging out with her husband, their kids and grandchildren and their needy French bulldog. Carmen, her husband and their 8-year-old daughter like to hike and ski at Big White.

Article by Steve MacNaull originally published in the 2022 Faces of Kelowna magazine.