RHN Director Aiken Luu works with businesses in a range of industries, but many of them have one thing in common: they are new entrepreneurs ready to pursue a dream.

“I really love working with people who are just starting out,” says Aiken. “They are passionate about their business, but need a little help with some of the backend work needed to build a healthy business, like bookkeeping and documentation.”

Aiken’s clients often come to him and RHN during an exciting time. They’ve made the leap of faith and decided to invest in their own endeavours.

But, as anyone who has leapt into entrepreneurship knows, the transition from employee to self-employed is not always a smooth one. 

“Usually, people start a business because they are really good at one thing, but owning a business requires you to learn how to do a lot more than just what you’re good at.”

“Accounting,” says Aiken, “Is not generally why people decide to start a business. That’s why professionals like the team at RHN are so important to small business operations.” 

“Relying on people who understand the ins and outs of your specific industry when it comes to taxes and documentation is what allows entrepreneurs to level up into the owner role while knowing their books are in good hands,” he explains.

Working with the owners of startups and small businesses allows Aiken to make a meaningful impact. But that’s not the only reason he’s drawn to this clientele.

In February 2023, Aiken stepped into a new role as Director at RHN, a well deserved promotion after eight years of exceptional service at the firm. Like many of his clients, he is adapting to a new and exciting era in his journey.

“I relate to the newer entrepreneurs who are just starting to figure out what they want in life and how to go about getting it,” Aiken says. “I’m in my early thirties myself and have just recently stepped into a leadership role with RHN and am kind of in a similar place. I’m carving out my own niche alongside my clients, who are often just carving out theirs.”

RHN is passionate about bringing together like-minded people. They have a thoughtfully curated team across their four offices and take pride in the way clients and accountants work together seamlessly towards common goals—whether that’s sustainable business growth, a smaller tax bill or a more streamlined bookkeeping process.

Aiken’s relationship with his clients is the perfect example of this commitment in action. “The most important thing to me is that my clients find the right fit for what they need and want in their accountant,” he says. “At the end of the day, I want to be more than just the person a business owner dreads seeing when taxes are due. I want to be the person they come to for accounting advice year-round, whether it’s business related or personal. RHN is really passionate about offering that well-rounded support.”

Aiken specializes in corporate and non-profit taxes, with a focus on achieving sustainable growth for his clients. Learn more about Aiken on our team page or get in touch with RHN if you want to work with Aiken and the rest of our stellar tax, audit, and bookkeeping team to achieve your personal and business goals.