When William Situ started as a co-op student at RHN in 2018, he was excited to finally gain hands-on accounting experience. Having been interested in an accounting career since high school, William had long anticipated the opportunity to work for a CPA firm.

“I’ve always loved numbers and found it fascinating how they can tell a story about a business,” Williams says. “After taking accounting electives in high school, I knew it would be a good fit for me.”

Near the end of his business degree at SFU, William completed his final co-op term with RHN CPA. Having excelled on the team, he immediately accepted a full-time offer with the firm after he graduated in 2019, and he’s been with RHN ever since.

“There’s so many things that have kept me around through the years,” says William. “Everyone at all levels of the company is incredibly supportive. Even as a co-op student, I could approach a manager or director and they would take the time to help me learn and grow as a professional.”

As team members all across the company will tell you, RHN’s mid-sized environment makes for the perfect place to settle into your career. 

“It’s big enough to have the resources needed to guide you through the CPA program, but small enough that you know everyone’s name and have a lot of one-on-one support,” William says.

These resources include a large range of perks for team members, including fewer overtime hours during tax season, paid time off to prepare and take your CFE exams and a generous benefits package.

This year, William is stepping into the role of Manager, and he is eager to take on his new responsibilities with his clients and team.

“I’m excited to spend more time building relationships with clients,” he says. “Becoming a manager will give me even more opportunities to grow my skills and experience, and then to pass on the support I received early in my career to the new junior team members at the firm.”

Want to join William?

Whether you’re still a student or a seasoned accountant, we’re always looking for enthusiastic accounting professionals to join our team at all levels. If you’re interested in a flexible, supportive work environment with leaders who invest in your growth, we’d love to hear from you.

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